Ricky lee

Hi I’m the big 40 I have 3 kids two daughters and son I work as a acrylic design and fabricator.I started running about 4 or 5 years ago just to try and lose some weight because at the time I weighed around the 18st mark, not good.So I started do 2 mile runs but I use to stop 4 or 5 times when ever I went running but as I carried on running the amount of times I stopped running became less and less, until I didn’t stop at all. I slowly up the mileage and now running all sorts of distances, when I started I never thought I could do it, as I was so unfit but just goes to show, don’t give up, now I’ve all different types of runs from 10k to half marathons to triathlons to born survivor, really enjoy running as a group meeting new friends, and have a chin wag along the way, running is not just good the body good for the mind too, so if you’ve never tried or fancy running before all I can say is give it a go you never know you might enjoy it. 😊