Tuesday Night run

The ‘daddies’, assembled at Maccy D’s in Denton Crown Point at 8 with ideas of a shortish 7’ish miles route which, at this time was in Liam’s head alone. Mike joined us for the first time and must be sore today!

We set off, splitting into two groups so all six of us could fit on the pavements as we headed into Manchester down Ashton Old Road. Halfway down, we decided to take a lap of the Etihad Stadium which was much to the dismay of ‘Anfield Shaun’. As we approached, he reiterated his dislike of it (or words to that effect). A helicopter hovered over us for the duration, certain we were running from something maybe? Here Rick (Wilf) took a tumble over a kerbstone and despite ripping open some skin, was more bothered that he’d scratched his Apple Watch!

We circled the perimeter of the stadium which was closed before heading back up the fan ramp and back along Alan Turing Way to Hyde Road where we took a sharp left for the return leg. A sign showed 5 miles back to Denton and we realised that the 7 mile run was going to be excessively more.

No corners were cut and we all returned back to McDonalds within a few minutes of each other. Rick arrived with blackened hands having had another tumble on the way back (maybe a head-torch next time Rick?)

We all went for a coffee before leaving for home. Mike joked he was removing himself from the WhatsApp group but we’re certain he’ll be back (well done Mike!) The Garmin showed 10.64 miles and 1 h 31 mins.