Liam led this one, still damaged from his 39 mile weekend of running. His toenail had been literally glued back on and wrapped in a corn plaster. Four ‘daddies’ did this one: Liam, Shaun, Rick and me (Pete). An earlier text suggested head torches would be useful; they were actually essential!

Starting from Maccy D’s at Hattersley, we headed towards Gee Cross then turned a sharp left onto a country lane with what was initially a steady climb. The head torches only lit ten yards in front and there were no street lights. You could tell it was a country lane as it smelled of cow shit. I thought “Well this is nice” until we rounded a corner and found the lesser known Hattersley Kilimanjaro facing us. As usual Mr Speedy took the lead and tip-toes it to the top. I didn’t!

The view at the top was of an illuminated Manchester as far as the eye could see which signalled we were as high as half of the idiot kids passing us in cars later on. 

We took a right down Joel Lane and then Liam took us on another Magical Mystery Tour around Gee Cross and Hyde before arriving in Haughton Green and then Denton. It was here that it dawned on me that we would have the 2 mile hill to finish back at McD’s. Well ho-hum, better get on with it then. We all finished with quite a respectable time for a Thursday night and we’d covered a little over 10 ½ miles in old money (17K). 

We ended with a hot coffee before heading home. A very enjoyable run this one but don’t ask me to remember the route!

Distance: 17K