Had to drag myself out of bed at 4:30 am this morning to open the store, and it wasn’t quite easy after a long run the night before 

Legs don’t feel too bad to be fair, (benefit of all these training), only slightly aching. All I was thinking today was ” it’s beautiful day, sun is shining, would be nice for a run”. Clocked out at work at 2 but didn’t leave till 3:15pm, i like to stay and help a little longer from time to time. 

Sat on the sofa at home waiting for the wife and kids back from school. I couldn’t help but found my-self falling asleep on the sofa, in my head I’m thinking  ” I’m going to give it a miss today, too tired” 

Sometimes making the first step is the hardest part, you just have to be disciplined, be mentally strong….

Little 5k tonight, over 90 miles for the month, nearly there ….


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