I am 38 years old young and a father of 2 beautiful children. Originally I am from Hong Kong, moved to the UK with my family when I was a teenager.

I started running about 3 years ago, my ultimate goal  was trying to lose weight. I remember when I started running, i used to go out early in the morning so no one could see me. I couldn’t go round the block without stopping……definitely improved since and can’t stop now! #runningbug.

I enjoy running in a variety of condition, every run is a good run,short or long- hilly or flat, especially when you’re running with friends, always make it easier; my daddy escape time.

My best tip would be to not overthink your run just get out there and do it! Otherwise you end up thinking yourself out of it and eventually give up. Push yourself, keep at it , improve and enjoy every minute

As well as being a dad and husband I have a full time job as a coffee barista, I am usually on my feet all day and it can get hectic but running makes me feel fresh after I have worked all day . I can sleep better , my metabolism has improved and I felt motivated. The more I run the more I build up my stamina to run longer and faster .

I feel this has been a fantastic journey for me . One that has changed my life for the better. I couldn’t recommend running more to anyone who wants to get fitter, healthier and make new friends.